Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Angels Flight

The historic and ancient Angels Flight funicular on Bunker Hill closed down a year ago due to some "technical" issues, which have since been repaired, and it is promised that it will reopen soon. I sure hope so. it had been in mothballs for decades, but a group of concerned citizens formed a committee, and the little train (one of the shortest funicular lines in the world) was back in business, until it broke.

But when it reopened a couple of years ago, I jumped on board. I gave the guy in the little ticket building at the top a handful of quarters and spent about two hours just riding up and down. Both the ticket guy and I lost count of my rides. I took a ton of pictures of people riding the cars, but most of them were crap (so it goes).

Still, I had a good time in the Disneyland of my mind. Thanks, funicular people.

Monday, September 8, 2014


In association with the Los Angeles Downtown Art Walk News, I will be showing selected prints at the historic landmark Earnest A. Batchelder Chocolate Shop at 220 W. 6th Street in downtown LA, Sept 11, 2014.