Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We shuffled into the library; head down, we buried ourselves in the small print. Above us, infinity split the sky.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Walking to work in the near dark morning, threading the uncertain sidewalk. A car flashes by; startled, we look up - sunrise.

Late Night Chinatown

Chinatown liquor store (C)2009 Glenn Primm

Late night Chinatown, waiting for a bus; the window fan blows tepid air onto the occupant of the apartment over the liquor store; the radio fades in and out; the doorbell tinkles.

Upgrade time

With the new digital sensors, we get bigger files sizes, and so we must update our computer; in this case, a new Dell Vostro 220s, running an Intel Core 2 Duo w/E8400 CPU @ 3GHz/1333 FSB, 4GB RAM with 6MB cache, on-board 1GB Intel Extreme Graphics Chipset, and an Asus 24" LCD monitor; color corrected by eye at the moment, but with a Spyder2 on order.

Is it fast? Oh, yes. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate and I'm really impressed how much better this OS is than Microsoft's XP. Fast and stable, with a good-looking and slick interface.

On the right, the old Dell 1.8 GHz single core, 2 GB RAM, etc. Total storage including a Seagate Free Agent external drive: ~2.4 TB and more to come. (And there's a laptop around here somewhere.)