Monday, June 20, 2011

New paint on Broadway

(C)2011 Glenn Primm

I really love downtown Los Angeles. It's the oldest part of LA south of Olvera Street, of course, but still very much alive and hectic during shopping hours. I'm working on a project to document the changing facades of Broadway, DTLA's main commercial drag, and as I wandered south on Broadway the other day, I came upon this new (to me, anyway) wonderful mural. I'm still working on finding out who painted it.

Immediately after shooting the mural, I turned around to sort of clear my head and spotted this window display. I really like the play of street reflection, store fronts, colors and shadows, and I think this photo worked out fairly well.

(C)2011 Glenn Primm

UPDATE: The mural is the work of prominent Los Angeles muralist David Botello, a native of East Los Angles. The mural is entitled El Nuevo Fuego (The New Fire). The Mural Conservancy of Los Angles provides this description: "Both the pageantry of the ancient Mexican torch-lighting ceremonies (which took place in 52-year intervals) and the two 20th century Olympic Games held in Los Angeles (1932 and 1984, also a 52-year gap) are portrayed. The most prominent portraits are those of local 1984 Olympic gold medal-winning athletes Paul Gonzalez (boxing) and Valerie Brisco-Hooks (track). Also included are Greg Louganis (diving), Ernesto Canto (50 km walk), and Pierre Vignon (pole vault)."

As always, click on the image to open a new tab with a larger version.