Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last year in B & W

I'm not sure where the "World-Wide B&W Challenge" started, but it's definitely going around the world like wildfire. Maybe it was started for those who have never held an analog film camera in their hands or those that thought that a digital camera couldn't make amazing B&W images, but it's here's and it's viral, as they say.

For some of us, the response is trivially easy - all we have to do is throw up some scanned negs from way back when; in my case, however, I chose to convert recent images from digital color to B&W. Some are native Lightroom, some used NIK Silver.

In any event, here's my contribution to the challenge, not necessarily in order.

After-word: some of these images should have been shared earlier, but this is a just a blog, and this year I didn't have an assistant to handle all the media we're supposed to be posting, so some stuff got laid aside, and that makes this post a meagre catch-up. For that I apologize. Still, each one of these images is important to me.

Cheers, and may you all have a productive and prosperous new year.

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