Thursday, February 2, 2012

Metro Gold

Metro Gold Line pulls into Union Station (C)2012 Glenn Primm Photography

The other day I went to pick up a package from the Post Office Annex, which is located in a rather sketchy area north of LA proper; a sort of no-man's-land between Chinatown and the LA River. While I waited in the parking lot (no inside service!) for an actually very nice lady while she tried to locate my misplaced package, I watched the trains pull into Union Station.

This is an example of what photographer's are talking about when they talk about the "magic hour." The sun is setting so the light is a muted gold, shadows are long and deep and the sky and clouds were perfect. The trains co-operated by arriving on time every ten minutes or so. Thanks, Metro.

Nikon D70s w/f3.5 18-55mm DX AF Zoom