Saturday, September 24, 2011

A bouquet from Paris

Don’t mess with the waiter (C)2011 Yanidel
Photos by Yanidel

The day that Americans planted a flag on the moon was also the day I first set foot in Paris. After a long bus ride in from Lichtenstein, I emerged from up out of the Paris Metro and the first thing I spotted was a newspaper kiosk with Le Figaro's amazing heading in 128pt Bold announcing "L'Homme sur la Lune!" How apropos, I mused.

Since then Paris has always held a special place in my heart and I was very pleased to recently come across a very French photographer's blog, Street Photography in Paris. For those who have been to Paris, many of the images will be instant nostalgia, and Yanidel covers all of Paris' neighborhoods, from the banks of the Seine to the alleys of Montmartre.

Although Yanidel's photographs are rendered in post-modernist desaturated color, he's obviously inspired by the noted French street photographer Robert Doisneau. And like the peripatetic Parisian photographer Atget, his coverage of Paris is almost encyclopedic. More to the point, his daily postings are a reprieve from the banal bombardment of the usual.

Highly recommended.